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From Farm to Fork

Combining volumes of current members as well as future members into centralized procurement with a goal of 2 billion dollars in combined annual purchases ensures better availability, competitive contracts, as well as open market buys 365 days a year. Have you ever been to the grocery store and paid $5 for a box of cereal? Have you ever seen that same cereal in a box three times as big for sale for $6 at a warehouse store? Welcome to the benefits of Produce GPO. Our high-volume procurement and competitive contracts are your new produce warehouse. Imagine the benefits of placing an order that meets your customer's needs that is part of a much larger order across multiple customers. The distribution advantages include better pricing, better delivery, and more attention to a larger customer.


We help negotiate freight rates with our volume to get our members the best rates as well as help source the most competitive LTL rates, air rates, and container rates.


We bring in rail cars of onions, potatoes, and other commodities and ship out pallet quantities of multiple categories at basically full reefer rates. We also help bring the end-user all approved labels no matter the volume by consolidating full loads and shipping out partial loads to distributors that can't pick up full truckloads.

Tomato Repackaging

We repack multiple full load volumes of all sizes, grades, and varieties direct to members as well as numerous consolidation centers daily, adhering to the strictest food safety criteria. All tomatoes will be inspected and repacked to customers' specifications before shipping.

Member Interaction & Collaboration

Discussing everything from Human Resources, Facility throughput, and design, PTI, Employee benefits and retention, software, truck leasing, Uniforms, etc.

Basket full of Vegetables