Our Story
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Produce Distributors Committed to Quality

Developed in 2016 by a group of about 12 independent produce distributors looking for interaction and collaboration, from HR issues to operations, truck leasing, and procurement. We have truckloads moving to unify independent distributor's volumes with a goal of 2 billion in combined purchases to allow them to compete and maintain the ability for today's foodservice and retail requirements. Read on to learn more about Produce GPO story.

We offer an alternative purchasing solution for the foodservice and retail industry that brings integrity and value options not currently offered in today's market.

Our Focus

Food Safety

Produce GPO puts food safety FIRST. Our commitment to protecting food safety at all levels is where our job begins. All of our quality growers/suppliers must meet specific guidelines for quality assurance and are inspected by approved third-party auditors. We have a strategic system in place and a devoted team available 24/7 in the event of a recall or outbreak situation. Our dedication to Food Safety is of utmost importance and truly scales the entire food chain from FARM TO FORK™.


Our industry and environment are in mother nature's hands 365 days of the year, and that is something we cannot control. But by partnering with growers/suppliers that actively have sustainable practices in place, we can control our effect on it. Depending on the commodity being grown, our partners have different systems in place to help sustain our environmental resources. Practices such as water reduction and/or recycling, crop rotation, and decreasing energy consumption are just a few of the ways our valued suppliers are being good stewards of the land and preparing for future crops and future generations.

Social Responsibility

At Produce GPO, we strongly believe in the utmost standards of ethical behavior and integrity. We strive to actively promote awareness in implementing socially responsible business practices not only within our company but with our valued partners. Our morals are based upon abiding and sharing with our partners our expectations, including but not limited to; competitive wages, safe working conditions, sanitary facilities, and child labor laws. It is not just our responsibility; it is a natural standard of our core beliefs.